Promoting Better Choices For Driving
In our thirty plus years of experience, we find that many people overestimate their ability to handle their alcohol
consumption, and most often, underestimate the potential consequences of impairment. It has always been our goal
to help change a person's behavior with changing their attitude and belief about alcohol's debilitating effects on
them, resulting from overindulgence.

Thanks to Innocorp, Ltd-Fatal Vision, we are enabled to use an
our Fatal Vision program. Most folks tend to believe that they can handle their alcohol and are not likely to
encounter negative consequences from over consumption. This kind of behavior is described as, "OPTIMISTIC
BIAS": The human tendency to be hopeful rather than realistic. People tend to be overly confident about their
drinking; underestimating the effects of the alcohol they have consumed. For example, someone may think they
have a real chance at driving safely and very little chance of dying in a car crash.