How to Throw an Awesome, Sober Halloween Party

Photo courtesy of Pixabay by Keilidh Ewan

Getting sober is a huge step. The next step is staying there. Maintaining sobriety can become particularly tricky around the holidays. Some people find themselves depressed and tempted to use around the
holidays. Others find it difficult to say no to “just one little drink” at parties where there are drugs or alcohol. Meanwhile, other people might become triggered after spending time
around their families, coworkers, or other large groups of people.

With Halloween right around the corner, you might be wondering how to maintain your sobriety and stay on track for your addiction recovery. One of the easiest ways to avoid giving
into temptation to drink or do drugs is by throwing your own awesome, substance-free Halloween party.

Looking to throw the ultimate sober party? Here are some things to keep in mind during the
party planning phase:

1.        Choose Your Guests Wisely
Start by deciding who will be invited to your party. Since you’ll have 100% control over your own guestlist, focus on inviting sober friends and/or those who are completely supportive of
your recovery.

Avoid inviting any addiction "enablers" from your past. As difficult as it might be to exclude those individuals from your event, it’s not worth risking your sobriety. If someone asks why
they’re not invited, just say your sobriety is top priority so you’ve decided to limit your guest list. If someone is truly your friend, they’ll understand.

2.        Avoid Temptation
The easiest way to avoid temptation at any party is to simply not have drugs or alcohol at the party at all. For best results, you should also avoid substitutes like non-alcoholic beer
(especially if you are inviting other guests who are also trying to maintain sobriety). Far in advance of your event, clearly communicate to your guests that there will be a no
drug/alcohol rule in effect.

3.        Having Fun with the Halloween Theme
A great way to have fun at a sober party is to make costumes, games, decorations, and food the focus instead. Plan plenty of games and activities to keep things fun without being
dependent upon drinking. You could turn your home into a haunted house or include Halloween-themed activities like bobbing for apples.

Obviously, no Halloween party would be complete without a costume contest. Encourage your guests to dress up by letting them vote for their favorite costumes. Tell them if their
costumes need to fit a certain theme (such as
the witching hour or A Nightmare on Elm Street) or if they’re free to dress in whatever costume they choose. You can even give a small
prize to the winner.

4.        Focus on the Food
Looking for Halloween-themed food and drink ideas? Although a quick Google search returns plenty of results, we recommend
festive tasty and festive recipes such as candied
apples, cider,
nonalcoholic punch, or pumpkin spice milkshakes. You could even get creative and make up your own recipes.

5.        Don’t Forget the Music
What’s a party without great tunes? Make the ultimate,
spooky playlist for your party. You could use a premade list or handpick your own favorite songs. A great way to get your
guests involved and excited about the music is to let them request songs to play throughout the evening.

Who says you can’t have fun without drugs or alcohol? Millions of people enjoy it everyday. The point of celebrating a holiday isn’t to drink or do drugs; it’s to have a great time with
people we love. Hosting your own sober party is an empowering way to show that you’re serious about your recovery. It’s an example of self care and it might even inspire others to
take the steps towards their own recovery.