The Victim Impact panel Program, is where DWI and MIP/MIC Offenders, Marijuana users,
Texting, and Reckless Drivers in general, gather to  hear from people (victims) whose lives
have been shattered because of what the offender has done. Persons who have been
sentenced by the court to attend, have the opportunity to hear the story of real people who
have been victims of their mistakes. The VIP,  sponsored by Stop DWI, Inc. has two goals.

1. To make an impact upon the adult and young offenders, and hope they walk away with
something that will help them make a better choice regarding the use of alcohol and
additional drugs, racing and texting, while operating a motor vehicle.

2. The Panel is a way for the victim to experience heal. Telling their story helps the healing
process. Victims simply tell their story in a non-confrontational, judgmental manner,
sometimes breaking into tears as they remember loved ones needlessly killed or injured by an
intoxicated, impaired or otherwise distracted driver. Pictures of loved ones are shown, and
information about the deadly combination of alcohol, additional drugs and driving is shared
with the offenders.

Offenders are sometimes asked to stand up before the others and talk about their
offence,what they have learned so far regarding their offense, and tell of the financial loss
involved.  Offenders also fill out a survey/questionaire, offering the same information.

Stop DWI, Inc wants to make a difference. It hurts to lose a loved one, and our prayer is that
participating offenders will remember what was shared and cease to commit such ofenses
again, and even share the information with others.

The Midland VIP meets first Monday of the month at  the Junior League Building, 902 W.
Dengar. Registration begins at 6:OO PM. The class fee is $60.

The Odessa VIP meets second Monday of the month in the Odessa Police Dept. 205 N. Grant.
Registration is at 6:OO PM. The class fee is $60.

VIP class in Andrews meets quarterly at Adult Probation. Registration is through Adult

For additional information please contact our main office @ 432-687-1355.

                                                         Class donation is $60 cash or money order.